Monday, July 6, 2009

Nearly there..

Less than two weeks left of term before we start the summer holidays when I will relish being able to stay in bed till ten o'clock.
The past few weeks have been as interesting as they have been busy if not exhausting, considering the heatwave and there is still a lot to do before the break.
In the meantime a couple of reminders and notices.

No Mass at Heckmondwike on Saturday 11th. July.
Mass at Halifax, Saturday 11th. July. 6.00p.m.
Mass at St. Peter's, Leeds Rd. Bradford, 3.00p.m.
Mass at Markenfield Hall on Wednesday 15th. July 7.00p.m. (Just south of Ripon on the main Ripon - Harrogate Road.)

It was lovely to see Fr. Lister, who celebrates his Golden Jubilee this year, offer Mass again for us at Halifax on Pentecost's fifth Sunday . It has also been great to hear the EF Mass at the Catholic Chaplaincy at the University of Bradford. This means that the Traditional Mass has been offered in the last twelve months at the University chaplaincies of Bradford, Leeds and TASC at Horsforth. High, Sung and Low, in fact!

High Mass of Requiem was offered on Monday 15th June at Halifax for the repose of the soul of Fr. Charlie Holmes who died in April (RIP). This Mass coincided with the 52nd. anniversary of Fr. Holmes' ordination to the Priesthood in Lisbon in 1957.

One little story I would wish to share about Fr. Holmes which got under Fr. David Smith's radar (he preached the panegyric) was the time when Bishop Wheeler went to St. John the Evangelist's in Bradford to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation. Fr. H was then the PP there. As the Bishop was offered the customary lemon juice and bread to cleanse his thumb at the conclusion, the good and kindly bishop turned from the ritual and was heard to remark words to the effect that he had never thought of using a Jif Lemon squeezy, let alone seen it. Charlie was very proud about it all, as he himself sometimes recalled. He heard my confession for years and was always as direct, simple and practical in his approach.

I am grateful to the editor of the diocesan Catholic Post who has published the address of this blog site in the paper along with details of many of the regular venues of the TLM and who published such a fine obituary for Fr. Holmes.

The year of St. Paul has drawn to its end and we now celebrate the year of the Priesthood, as instituted by His Holiness the Pope. Firstly let us pray for the Pope and for all those good men who have offered their lives to the service of the Church by their priestly ministry. We should also ask God for an increase in vocations to the Priesthood. There is little doubt that there is great vibrancy in the Church at large with regard to restoring the Traditional Mass. The Pope desires that both Rites co-exist within the context of one Faith, one Truth, one Church, one Pontiff and that none of these should be out of harmony with each other.